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How to Make the Most of Email Marketing

posted on Monday, July 29, 2013 by Mallory Phillips

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With 89 percent of internet users sending or receiving electronic communications, email is the most popular online activity. Email marketing is just one of many digital tools for brands, but when done right, it can be one of the most effective ways to communicate with consumers.

Email is an active communication tool that allows you to send messages directly to consumers rather than relying on them to find you. Your audience has opted-in to receive the communication, so they want and expect to hear from you. Therefore, consumers are more likely to read your message and take a desired action.

Notice I said earlier that email can be effective when done right. There are many variables that go into successful email marketing, but the foundation of your efforts has to be the content. You need messages that will grab your consumers’ attention and even motivate them to act. If you don’t have interesting content, then you’re wasting your time and your audience’s time.

Once you have a solid content strategy, there are a few other steps you can take to maximize your email efforts.


1. Write intriguing subject lines

  • There is limited time and space to entice a reader to open your message so you have to find what motivates your audience.


2. Optimize for mobile

  • It’s more important than ever to optimize for mobile as 38 percent of email is now opened on a mobile device.
  • Utilizing responsive email design is one of the best ways to ensure your message is browser, text and mobile friendly.


3. Follow the rules to decrease spam blockage

  • Even though users opt-in to receive communications, your message can get caught by spam filters.
  • Here are a few basic rules to help decrease spam blockage:
    • Use the same “from” name and email address.
    • Use less than 50 percent image content.
    • Always include a physical address.
    • Use a valid reply-to email address.
    • Avoid URL shorteners and hidden links.


There are other do’s and don’ts, but these few guidelines can be the most effective ways to make your email marketing efforts successful.


Tell us what you think. Are there any email campaigns that stand out to you? Why?


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  • Cheryl B.

    Have to say, I love Chick-Fil-A’s emails —
    1.) They aren’t too frequent
    2.) The message is concise, yet clever
    3.) The call-to-action is clear
    4.) The visuals are captivating